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Enfad Techniques & Process

At Enfad we believe that while creating meaningful offerings always has and always will involve the insight and inventiveness of talented teams, human-centred design approaches improve the odds of success. This is increasingly true as projects involve more disciplines and participants, as solutions become more complex and comprehensive, as clients seek bolder breaks from current offerings.

We aim to actively seek and develop concepts for clients by assisting them in a range of future-facing areas in the online world that align with their strategic vision and goals. We lend a helping hand to unite a global community of peers and resources who can effectively address the unique business challenges that firms face.

Enfad’s Opportunity Discovery Process

While innovation is an inherently creative act, creativity with no boundaries or discipline can lead to chaos. Companies must have strong processes that govern how ideas are generated and brought to market.

Enfad uses an organised means whereby new areas of value can be identified. Our structured process consists of the methods, tools and techniques that allow an organization to fully explore a new or existing domain in order to uncover future potential. 

Evidence-based Opportunity Exploration

  • ·       Search large domains
  • ·       Find all of the best opportunities
  • ·       Build a portfolio of options
  • ·       Use the ‘wisdom of crowds’
  • ·       Create a pipeline that runs
  • ·       Iterate and go deeper