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Partnerships & Learning Alliances

Anticipating massive change, companies are focusing on building a dynamic network of collaborators as a path to competitive power and growth. Now more than ever, companies need robust and sustainable solution-focused guidance in order to face the complex challenges and opportunities awaiting them in the digital era. Instead, there is too often a dearth of new thinking as well as a lack of the foresight necessary for firms to see, understand and respond to complex change.

The good news is that with the right strategy and strong execution, all paths can lead to building successful relationships, leading to value-driven growth.

Against this background, we firmly believe that organisations can benefit from an opportunity to share ideas and insights to find solutions for shared concerns.

Enfad’s collaborative efforts will provide a safe and confidential environment to reflect, share concerns and experiences, develop new ideas and tools and explore new approaches to addressing change in a digital economy.

By bringing together the experience of organisations from different sectors and countries, we hope to develop a framework for learning. We are looking for active involvement and your honest views, opinions and experiences so that we can make this an effective learning alliance. We aim to:

  • Help ambitious companies connect strategic ‘needs’ with external ‘solutions.’
  • Build value-led relationships for collaboration with other leading companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Provide innovative business models, marketing strategies and management support to accelerate market introduction, often through alliances and partnerships.