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    Enfad operates and draws upon a distributed network of highly seasoned specialists and senior professionals –with a belief that the best people have now become self-reliant and left their jobs to become ‘hired guns’ or consultants. Bringing together multidisciplinary teams of specialists, technologists, designers, business thinkers, academics and external provocateurs – we’re convinced that a broad network of players can do far more than an individual firm or agency working in relative isolation. Allowing us to augment and combine the efforts of a network of multiple practitioners into a fully collaborative, outcome-focused effort. We think it is the agency 'model' that is waning, not the agency itself and that both agencies and strategy-houses need to adopt a new way of thinking in order to survive, as clients have already adapted to new ways of working. We believe we can learn from one another and create a whole far more powerful than the sum of its parts. What this gives a client are the best people for their project, and a coherent team approach with the low overhead of a lean, virtual organisation. 

    (Soon, we will publish the full list of affiliates and partners.) 

    Raheel Naqvi  - Principal, Enfad

    My Story: Two Truths and a Lie

    Raheel Naqvi (doer of good works, excellent good friend to the famous and not) is the Founding Principal at Enfad, a London based advisory boutique. At Enfad Raheel is dedicated to helping clients and partners benefit from thinking differently about emerging futures by identifying new ways to serve people's everyday needs and wants for new information, services and products, – and reduced risk in their decisions to evaluate, select, design, develop, implement, and support key innovation resources.

    Prior to founding Enfad, Raheel spent over a decade climbing the greasy corporate pole in the moneymaking field of Finance. Being in the City since a fresh-out-of-university graduate, he led a wide range of engagements. (please don't tell his Mother. She secretly still thinks he's a Marine Biologist!). In that time, he was a provider of highly regarded real-time economic analysis and information to top-50 bulge-brackets such as Central Banks, Goldman Sachs, ex-Lehman Brothers, E-brokers, Internet Companies, and the like.

    But with pleasure came the pain. The money was great – but to be still earning it all these years later wasn’t part of the plan. Joining the City was a means to an end – the end being to cash in while we were still young enough to spend it and have fun. So secretly after plotting his escape (and clicking his heels three times) he chucked in his day job (and the moonlighting in other, largely creative industries) to start work on specific entrepreneurial projects, and other creative endeavours. This marked the first time the he ever really worked hard at something, using his intellect for development rather than destruction.

    Hieroglyphics indicate that Raheel holds a Degree and MBA from Manchester and Newcastle University and strives to never again be seen near campus, as long as he is breathing and mobile. Raheel also earned a Gold Arrow and a Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Paw Pin for aluminium recycling and food collecting.

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