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Our Thinking

We exist because of the growing gap that exists between organisations increasing knowledge of technology and business models, and their decreasing understanding of people’s everyday needs and wants for new information, services and products. The blurring of industry boundaries and widespread consumer connectedness are profoundly shifting the focus of strategic advantage and challenge firms like never before. Enfad's expertise is at this forefront, where it fuels insight into identifying the key drivers of value-creation capabilities to compete in today's turbulent technology-driven economy.

We don't profess to be insiders or outsiders. Like some, we haven't jumped on the anti-convention bandwagon. Nor do we pretend to be always plugged into all the right sources; know where all the bodies are buried, who buried them, and why. But can anyone else? The new technology landscape is virtually unlimited and complex. We think it is the R&D 'model' that is waning, not R&D itself and that technologists and strategists need to adopt a new way of thinking in order to survive, as clients have already adapted to new ways of working. Yesterday's sluggish strategy outfits and outdated R&D models — from analysts, to agencies, to traditional consultants, to the research industry itself, — are close to being broken.  The trouble is–as is the case so often in such discussions–that firms usually go over the top at both extremes. Either they deny that anything has changed, or they encourage burning the old textbooks and totally reinventing everything. Like in most cases, the truth might lie somewhere in the middle.