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Hybrid-thinking Strategy

Many businesses do not realise that striving to meet growth expectations from a continuous stream of new initiatives, yet at the same time relying on in-house initiatives to shoulder the entire burden of this task, is a sizable risk. As such, we are seeing that in many firms R&D productivity is flattening and ballooning budgets are climbing faster than revenues.

We believe a better approach to sustainable and profitable invention is to identify new ways to serve and support new technology decisions, simplifying technology research and gaining a valuable emerging perspective - insight synthesised by bringing together multidisciplinary teams, collaborating with a peer network of business and technology thought leaders, designers, academic scholars, thinkers and external provocateurs to monitor and track technology developments. Making it far easier to share information, make informed decisions about prioritization, make go, no-go stage gate decisions, or decide when and if to reallocate resource across a technology portfolio – as well as maintain a clear view of the bigger picture and where necessary drill down into the detail.