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Meaningfully Different

Sluggish Strategy Consultants

Typically, leading change and technology practices have the intellectual horsepower to explore the new commercial landscape, but have optimised their businesses in such a way that many of them have blinkered themselves. This means that their traditional vertical 'silo' based thinking has been at the expense of more horizontal thinking, and valuable knowledge sharing across boundaries, which the new technology world now demands. 

Some will say that marketers, agencies and others whose roles intersect with the connected consumer will fill this void. In practice, this is far from the truth. Marketers, designers and the agency world lack both the business rigour and corporate strategy competency. In this context, we bill ourselves very clearly as a new breed of advisory boutique that understands the subtleties of how technology and the Internet are changing the business landscape.



We firmly believe that fresh thinking and perspectives are critical when attempting to understand the new digital space. New paradigms have sprouted requiring different lenses and methods of analysis. Our ideas and insights are the results of our passion for discovering new ways of thinking. These discoveries provide new perspectives and help our clients architect engaging interactive initiatives.

Many businesses do not realize that striving to meet growth expectations from a continuous stream of new initiatives--while at the same time relying on in-house efforts to shoulder the entire burden of this task–is a sizable risk. As such, we are seeing that in many firms R&D productivity is flattening and ballooning as innovation budgets are climbing faster than revenues.

We believe a better approach to sustainable and profitable innovation is to identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering their latent needs, behaviours, and desires – insight synthesised from other industries, vendors, customers, and even competitors. We then visualise new directions for companies and brands and develop these insights or ideas, which can be turned into new or refined concepts, prototypes or offerings quickly and inexpensively – working collaboratively with your firm's R&D and other key innovation resources.


Enfad Techniques & Process

At Enfad we believe that while creating meaningful offerings always has and always will involve the insight and inventiveness of talented teams, human-centred design approaches improve the odds of success. This is increasingly true as projects involve more disciplines and participants, as solutions become more complex and comprehensive, as clients seek bolder breaks from current offerings.

We aim to actively seek and develop concepts for clients by assisting them in a range of future-facing areas in the online world that align with their strategic vision and goals. We lend a helping hand to unite a global community of peers and resources who can effectively address the unique business challenges that firms face.

Enfad’s Opportunity Discovery Process

While innovation is an inherently creative act, creativity with no boundaries or discipline can lead to chaos. Companies must have strong processes that govern how ideas are generated and brought to market.

Enfad uses an organised means whereby new areas of value can be identified. Our structured process consists of the methods, tools and techniques that allow an organization to fully explore a new or existing domain in order to uncover future potential. 

Evidence-based Opportunity Exploration

  • ·       Search large domains
  • ·       Find all of the best opportunities
  • ·       Build a portfolio of options
  • ·       Use the ‘wisdom of crowds’
  • ·       Create a pipeline that runs
  • ·       Iterate and go deeper