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Forces of Change

Forces of change–such as converging technologies, ubiquitous connectivity and changing environments–are creating possibilities to satisfy new markets. What’s more, this unprecedented opportunity is truly becoming pervasive – reaching out across boundaries to enable sustainable participation, growth and potential prosperity on a previously unimaginable scale.

All of this, of course, intensifies the pressure on companies to invent more quickly, efficiently and effectively than ever. With product life cycles shrinking every year and increasingly technology-savvy consumers demanding higher performance in a continual stream of meaningful offerings, growth now hinges on a company’s ability to generate bold and compelling new ideas.

At Enfad we help firms bring together multidisciplinary teams, collaborating with a peer network of business and technology thought leaders, designers, academic scholars, thinkers and external provocateurs to discover and develop opportunities, which has an immediate and significant impact on new growth, boosting profits, and setting new standards in the digital era.

Enfad reaches beyond adjacent opportunities and helps firms uncover areas where change is creating substantially different circumstances from those in the past. This means searching in environments where new technology and consumer change is creating challenges for customers.